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The Schools of Nursing and Pharmacy operate on both the Oxford and Jackson campuses. The Schools of Dentistry, Health Related Professionals and Medicine, and the Health Sciences Graduate School, are based in Jackson only. (Additional healthcare programs are available through the School of Applied Sciences on the Oxford campus.) Other than these exceptions, the schools above are on the Oxford campus.

Emphasis - Special Education

Ph.D. in Education

Minimum Total Credit Hours: 90

Emphasis - Special Education


The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in education with an emphasis in special education is 69 hours above the master's/specialist's degree. Candidates in the program acquire deeper and broader skills and knowledge of the field of special education. Doctoral-level classes emphasize current research-based theories and practice designed to prepare candidates for leadership positions in special education.

Doctoral degree graduates complete a program of study that requires a minimum of 69 graduate hours of coursework post master's/specialist's degree, which includes 18 hours of dissertation. Each doctoral candidate will successfully complete and defend a written comprehensive examination and a dissertation representing independent and original research.

Course Requirements

Below is a listing of the courses to complete in order to satisfy the degree plan in the special education Ph.D. program. The courses are organized here to convey thematic categories within the degree program rather than to reflect the chronological order or exactly how they will be grouped when listed on current School of Education forms. More information on each course is available through the course listings in the Graduate Catalog. The degree program requires at least 69 hours of coursework.

Professional Core (18 hours)

Students complete six courses that provide them with the background and expertise necessary to design and conduct research within the field. Additionally, a foundation course is required as part of the professional core.

Specialization (18 hours)

Students must complete nine courses in the special education program with the Edsp prefix. There is great flexibility with the courses and the potential to specialize in specific cognates. We offer three areas of cognates: Mind/Brain, Behavior/RTI/PBIS, and Early Childhood to specifically fit the students’ interests and career goals.


Behavior/RTI/PBIS Cognate

Early Childhood Cognate

Professional Competencies (9 hours)

**(1-6 variable credits) with approval from adviser

Doctoral Seminar (3 hours)

Students complete one course of doctoral seminar.

Internship (3 hours)

Students complete one course of internship with supervision and guidance from an adviser and/or program faculty.

Dissertation (18 hours)

Students complete six courses of dissertation work under the guidance of their selected chair and committee members.

Degree Requirements

The academic regulations for this degree program, as entered in the University of Mississippi Catalog, are in effect for the current or selected academic year and semester. The University of Mississippi reserves the right to 1) change or withdraw courses; 2) change rules for registration, instruction, and graduation; and 3) change other regulations affecting the student body at any time.

Requirement Hours Description
Comprehensive exam Student must pass a comprehensive examination.
Oral defense Every candidate for the Ph.D. degree must successfully pass a final oral examination (defense of dissertation) administered by the student’s dissertation committee and scheduled by the Graduate School.
Select an emphasis Student must select an emphasis within the Ph.D. in Education: Education Leadership (K-12) or Secondary Education.
Submit Dissertation Student must submit a dissertation to his/her GPC/Chair. The dissertation must conform to the regulations governing style set forth in "A Manual of Thesis and Dissertations Preparations", available in the Graduate School Office. Two copies of the dissertation must be presented to the Graduate School after the final examination for the doctorate has been accepted and before the beginning of the regular examination period for the semester in which the candidate plans to graduate.
GPA requirements A cumulative average of not less than 3.0 (B) must be achieved in all graduate work taken.
Engineering Dean's approval This Degree Audit program is an advising tool only. The student must still apply for a degree by returning a completed Degree Application Form to the dean's office before the last day to add classes in the semester preceding the semester in which the stuent expects to graduate. The Dean's Office will make the final certification that the courses listed on the application qualify the student for graduation. The Dean's Office will also determine if other university requirements (GPA, etc.) have been met.
The policies and regulations contained in this online University of Mississippi Catalog are in effect for the current or selected semester. The catalog is not a contract, but rather a guide for the convenience of students. The University of Mississippi reserves the right to 1) change or withdraw courses; 2) change the fees, rules, and schedules for admission, registration, instruction, and graduation; and 3) change other regulations affecting the student body at any time. Implicit in each student’s enrollment with the university is an agreement to comply with university rules and regulations, which the university may modify to exercise properly its educational responsibility.