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The Schools of Nursing and Pharmacy operate on both the Oxford and Jackson campuses. The Schools of Dentistry, Health Related Professionals and Medicine, and the Health Sciences Graduate School, are based in Jackson only. (Additional healthcare programs are available through the School of Applied Sciences on the Oxford campus.) Other than these exceptions, the schools above are on the Oxford campus.

Minor - Digital Media Studies

Minor - Digital Media Studies


The minor in digital media studies (DMS) is an interdisciplinary minor that combines the disciplines of computer science, digital arts, professional writing, digital marketing, digital humanities, and other digital topics. The minor provides a theory-based introduction to the field, several skill-based core classes, upper-division electives, and team project-directed course work.

Course Requirements

Digital media studies is an interdisciplinary minor consisting of 18 credit hours total. Students must designate one of four emphases: computing, digital communications, digital arts, or generalist. For all emphases, students take a core six hours. For digital communications, digital arts, and generalist emphases, the core consists of DMS 101 and either Csci 203 or Csci 256. For the computing emphasis, the core consists of DMS 101 and Csci 256.

Beyond the core, students must take an additional 12 hours determined by their intended emphasis. Students pursuing the digital communications or digital arts emphases should take their remaining 12 hours from the emphases courses listed below. Students pursuing the computing emphasis should enroll in Csci 343 plus an additional 9 hours from the emphasis courses listed below. And students pursuing the generalist emphasis should take the remaining 12 hours from at least two emphases; students may not include courses with designators from their major in the generalist emphasis.

Students majoring in computer science may not select the computing emphasis; students majoring in art may not select the digital arts emphasis; students majoring in journalism or integrated marketing communications may not select the digital communications emphasis. The same course(s) may not satisfy requirements for both a major and the DMS minor. Students who complete relevant internships, study abroad courses, or special topics courses will consult with the digital media minor director prior to enrollment in the course for approval and to determine the appropriate category for the course.

Computing Emphasis
Csci 333. Digital Design and 3-D Printing
Csci 343. Fundamentals of Data Science
Csci 354. Web Programming
Csci 356. Data Structures in Python
Csci 443. Advanced Data Science
Csci 444. Information Visualization
Csci 447. Immersive Media
Csci 458. Mobile Application Development
Csci 475. Introduction to Database Systems
DMS 401. Digital Media Studies Practicum
Digital Communications Emphasis
IMC 305. Visual Communication
IMC 349. 3-D Modeling
IMC 473. Motion Graphics
IMC 524. Designing Interactivity
Jour 102. Introduction to Multimedia Writing
Jour 273. Creative Visual Thinking
Jour 345. Digital Media Diversity
Writ 350. Writing for Digital Media
Writ 415. Digital Rhetoric
DMS 401. Digital Media Studies Practicum
Digital Arts Emphasis
Art 110. Digital Media Foundations
Art 201. Digital Imaging
Art 361. Graphic Design I (Typography)
Art 364. Web Design I
Art 461. Advanced Graphic Design & Illustration
Art 465. Web Design II
Art 381. Beginning Imaging Arts
Art 382. Intermediate Photography
Art 383. Intermediate Imaging Arts
Art 384. Digital Video I
Art 481. Advanced Photography
Art 483. Advanced Imaging Arts
Art 484. Advanced Digital Video
Art 581. Black-and-White Photography
Art 583. Digital Photography
Art 584. Digital Video
DMS 401. Digital Media Studies Practicum
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