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The Schools of Nursing and Pharmacy operate on both the Oxford and Jackson campuses. The Schools of Dentistry, Health Related Professionals and Medicine, and the Health Sciences Graduate School, are based in Jackson only. (Additional healthcare programs are available through the School of Applied Sciences on the Oxford campus.) Other than these exceptions, the schools above are on the Oxford campus.

Minor - Environmental Studies

Minor - Environmental Studies


A minor in environmental studies is designed to introduce students to an interdisciplinary approach to environmental concerns, including: 1) a study of human/environmental interactions from the viewpoint of the social sciences; 2) a reflection on environmental themes in the arts and humanities; 3) the scientific foundations of environmental thought.

Course Requirements

The environmental studies minor consists of Envs 101, either Bisc 104 or Bisc 162, and 12 hours of approved electives. The approved electives must include a minimum of 3 hours in at least two of the three discipline categories: humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. Students who complete relevant internships, study abroad courses, and special topics courses will consult with the environmental studies director prior to enrollment in the course for approval and to determine the appropriate category (humanities, natural sciences, social sciences) for the course.

Eng 389. Studies in American Environmental Lit
Eng 388. Studies in British Environmental Lit
Eng 495. Literature and the Nonhuman
Eng 405. Nature Writing
Eng 458. Southern Environmental Literature Writing
Eng 494. Special Topics in Environmental Studies
G St 391. Women, Gender, and the Environment
Phil 345. Environmental Ethics
Rel 390. Topics in Religion and the Environment
S St 536. The Southern Environment
Natural Sciences
Bisc 220. Natural Resource Management
Bisc 318. Botany
Bisc 320. Introductory Marine Biology
Bisc 321. Introduction to Aquatic Biology
Bisc 322. General Ecology
Bisc 329. Biology of Fishes
Bisc 334. Ornithology
Bisc 337. Introductory Entomology
Bisc 342. Plant Diversity
Bisc 345. Symbiosis
Bisc 350. Mammology
Bisc 413. Conservation Biology
Bisc 524. Aquatic Botany
Bisc 525. Conservation and Restoration Ecology
CE 471. Environmental Engineering
Chem 103. Chemistry for Nonmajors or Chem 105. Chemistry for Majors
Geol 104. Environmental Geology - Hazards
Geol 105. Environmental Geology - Resources
Phcl 347/547. Introduction to Environmental Toxicology
Phcl 381/581. Introduction to Toxicology
Social Sciences
Anth 319. Environmental History of the South
Anth 330. Environmental Anthropology
Anth 331. American Indians and the Natural World
Anth 360. Political Ecology
PPL 381. Global Environmental Issues
Psy 350. Ecopsychology and International Youth
Psy 365. Environmental Psychology
Soc 411. Environment, Technology, and Society
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