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The Schools of Nursing and Pharmacy operate on both the Oxford and Jackson campuses. The Schools of Dentistry, Health Related Professionals and Medicine, and the Health Sciences Graduate School, are based in Jackson only. (Additional healthcare programs are available through the School of Applied Sciences on the Oxford campus.) Other than these exceptions, the schools above are on the Oxford campus.

B.A. in Theatre Arts

Degree Requirements

The academic regulations for this degree program, as entered in the University of Mississippi Catalog, are in effect for the current or selected academic year and semester. The University of Mississippi reserves the right to 1) change or withdraw courses; 2) change rules for registration, instruction, and graduation; and 3) change other regulations affecting the student body at any time.

General Education

Requirement Hours Description
First Year Writing I 3 Complete Hon 101, Writ 100 or Writ 101 with a passing grade.
First Year Writing II 3 Complete one of the following courses with a passing grade: Liba 102, Writ 102 or Hon 102.
6 hrs literature survey 6 Complete 6 hours of literature survey with a passing grade. Choose from the following courses: Eng 220, 221, 222, 223, 224, 225, or Eng 226.
6 hrs modern/ancient language 200+ 6 Successfully complete at least 6 hours at the 200 level or above in one modern or ancient language.
6 hrs history 6 Complete 6 hours in History (HST) course work with a passing grade.
3 hrs humanities 3 Successfully complete 3 hours in one of the following areas: African-American studies; classical civilization; environmental studies (Envs 101); gender studies (G St 201, 301, 333, 350); philosophy; religion; Southern studies (S St 101, 102). In addition, gender studies courses that are cross-listed with African American studies, classical civilization, English, modern languages, philosophy, or religion courses will satisfy this requirement.
6 hrs social science 6 Successfully complete 6 semester hours in anthropology, economics, political science, psychology, or sociology.
3 hrs fine arts 3 Complete 3 hours in the area of fine or performing arts. Choose from art history, music, dance, and theatre arts. Studio and workshop courses cannot be used to satisfy this requirement. Acceptable freshman or sophommore-level courses are: AH 101, AH 102, AH 201, AH 202; Music 101, Music 102, Music 103, Music 104, Music 105; Dance 200; and Theatre 201.
3 hrs math 100+ 3 Successfully complete 3 hours of Math at the 100 level or above except for Math 245 and Math 246.
9-12 hrs science 9 Complete a full year of science course work in one subject area (6-8 hrs) and complete 3 credit hours in a subject area from another department. Courses may be chosen from the departments of Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Geology and Geological Engineering, or Physics and Astronomy. Note that a student taking the required 6 hours of one subject (astronomy or physics) from the Department of Physics and Astronomy must take the remaining 3 hours from another department.
2 associated science labs 2 Successfully complete at least two science laboratory courses.

Major Requirements

Requirement Hours Description
Thea 120 3 Thea 120: Introduction to Theatre
Thea 271 3 Thea 271: Introduction to Stagecraft
Thea 272 3 Thea 272: Introduction to Costumes for the Stage
Thea 321, 322 6 Thea 321: Theatre History I, Thea 322: Theater History II
Thea 326, 327 6 Thea 326: Dramatic Literature I, Thea 327: Dramatic Literature II
Thea 338, 339 2 Thea 338: Technology Lab I, Thea 339: Technology Lab II
Thea 499 3 Thea 499: Senior Review
Theatre residency hrs 12 Student must earn at least 12 hours of their major courses in residence. A grade of C or better is required on all theatre courses applied toward the major.
Resident Major GPA Please contact your academic advisor for grade point requirements.
Overall Major GPA Please contact your academic advisor for grade point requirements.
Thea electives 8 Thea 261: Intro to Acting Tech, Thea 423: Arts Leadership in the Community, Thea 164: Musical Theatre Practicum I, Thea 378: Theatre Production Techniques V, Thea 467: Act in Period Style I, Thea 373: Scene Painting, Thea 121: Creative Thinking, Thea 414: Movement Studies III, Thea 488: Stage Management Practicum VI, Thea 574: Drafting and Model Construction, Thea 204: Comedy in Film, Thea 252: Dance/Movement, Thea 172: Three-Dimensional Design for the Theatre, Thea 203: Drama in Film, Thea 512: Vocal Production for Realistic Styles II, Thea 255: Ballet, Thea 461: Act in Period Style II, Thea 477: Theatre Production Techniques IV, Thea 209: Theatre Topics on Location, Thea 207: Intro to Acting for the Screen, Thea 310: Junior Performance Studies I, Thea 345: Rapier and Dagger Stage Combat, Thea 120: Introduction to Theatre, Thea 205: Introduction to Cinematography, Thea 358: Adv Jazz Dance, Thea 514: Vocal Production for Classic Styles II, Thea 201: Appreciation of the Theatre, Thea 432: Film Capstone II, Thea 216: Voice-over Acting, Thea 391: Production Studies IV, Danc 251: Ballet II, Thea 269: Acting with Dialects, Thea 501: Film History, Thea 411: Senior Performance Studies II, Thea 481: Directing, Danc 154: Tap Dance I, Thea 278: Theatre Production Techniques I, Thea 377: Intro to the History of Decor, Thea 335: The Alexander Technique, Danc 356: Advanced Ballet, Thea 351: Directing for the Screen II, Thea 329: Queer Playwriting and American Culture, Thea 492: Production Studies VII, Danc 453: Jazz Dance IV, Thea 381: Advanced Rendering for the Theatre, Thea 221: Auditioning for Film and Television, Thea 394: Production Studies for Designers II, Thea 292: Production Studies III, Thea 484: Directing Practicum, Thea 271: Introduction to Stagecraft, Danc 351: Ballet III, Dan 222: Dance Improvisation, Thea 314: Movement Studies I, Thea 275: Introduction to Scene Painting, Thea 387: Stage Management Practicum IV, Thea 311: Junior Performance Studies II, Thea 240: Makeup, Thea 486: Fundamentals of Stage Management II, Thea 305: Introduction to Screenwriting, Thea 215: Improvisation, Thea 315: Movement Studies II, Thea 268: Speech for the Stage, Thea 331: Stage Combat II, Thea 431: Film Capstone I, Thea 403: Directed Performance Studies, Thea 462: Stage Mvmt-Actor, Danc 257: Jazz Dance, Thea 468: Advanced Voice and Speech II, Thea 265: Basic Acting Techniques, Thea 461: Advanced Sound Design for Cinema, Thea 262: Monologue Studies, Danc 152: Contemporary Dance I, Thea 114: Movement for the Actor I, Thea 325: History of Musical Theatre, Thea 325: Playwriting, Thea 410: Senior Performance Studies I, Danc 461: Ballet V, Thea 393: Production Studies for Designers I, Thea 111: Freshman Performance Studies II, Thea 464: Acting-Period Drama, Danc 456: Theatre Dance Repertory I, Thea 368: Advanced Voice and Speech I, Thea 277: Introduction to Patternmaking, Thea 273: Costume Construction, Thea 385: Introduction to Theatre Management, Thea 463: Musical Theatre Practicum IV, Thea 472: Stage Costuming, Danc 200: Dance Appreciation, Thea 362: Scene Studies, Dan 221: Dance Composition, Thea 349: Smallsword Stage Combat, Thea 473: Basic Tailoring, Thea 338: Technology Lab I, Thea 503: Motion Picture Prod, Thea 161: Intro to Acting, Danc 459: Concert Dance Repertory II, Thea 369: Voice & Diction Devel, Thea 575: Period Pattern Drafting and Draping, Thea 341: Property Design and Construction, Thea 479: Total Theatre Design, Thea 405: Directed Design Studies, Thea 491: Production Studies VI, Danc 254: Tap II, Thea 168: Fundamentals of Voice and Speech, Thea 327: Dramatic Literature II, Thea 470: Scenic Design, Thea 110: Freshman Performance Studies I, Thea 272: Introduction to Costumes for the Stage, Thea 346: Knife Stage Combat, Thea 344: Broadsword Stage Combat, Thea 307: Acting for the Screen I, Thea 287: The Business of Theatrical Design, Thea 504: Motion Picture Prod, Danc 457: Theatre Dance Repertory II, Danc 354: Tap III, Thea 304: Acting Shakespeare, Thea 323: Modern American Drama I, Thea 440: Costume Design for Film and Television, Thea 258: Jazz Dance, Thea 205: Cinema Survey I, Thea 364: Musical Theatre Voice Studies II, Thea 306: The South in Film, Thea 285: Stage Management Techniques I, Danc 458: Concert Dance Repertory I, Thea 286: Stage Management Techniques II, Danc 352: Contemporary Dance III, Thea 322: Theater History II, Thea 356: Advanced Ballet, Thea 374: Intro to the History of Dress, Thea 256: Ballet, Thea 305: Motion Picture Tech, Thea 455: Cinematic Storytelling, Thea 498: Special Topics, Thea 418: Screen Acting Capstone I, Thea 246: Costume Crafts, Thea 452: Dance/Movement, Thea 230: Movement for the Actor I, Thea 421: Musical Theatre History and Literature I, Thea 185: Stage Management Practicum I, Thea 342: Unarmed Stage Combat, Thea 326: Dramatic Literature I, Thea 206: Cinema Survey II, Thea 313: Voice Studies II, Thea 298: Special Topics, Thea 220: Bus & Empl Practices in Prof Theatre, Thea 466: Musical Theatre Performance II, Thea 250: Introduction to Cinema Production, Danc 332: Period Movement and Manners, Thea 362: Intro to Lighting Design for Cinema, Thea 401: Directed Study in Community Engagement, Danc 255: Theatre Dance I, Danc 355: Theatre Dance II, Thea 279: Theatre Production Techniques II, Thea 476: Introduction to Scene Painting, Thea 274: Theatre Design Graphics, Thea 372: Introduction to Lighting Design, Thea 479: Costume Design for Film and Television, Thea 371: Period Patternmaking, Thea 474: Costume Design, Thea 163: Intro to Musical Theatre Performance, Thea 422: Musical Theatre History & Literature II, Thea 169: Voice and Movement, Thea 321: Theatre History I, Thea 257: Jazz Dance, Thea 386: Stage Management Practicum III, Thea 469: Voice/Diction Dev Prac, Danc 153: Jazz Dance I, Thea 463: Writing from Stage to Screen, Thea 353: Adv Modern Dance, Thea 494: Production Studies for Designers IV, Thea 316: Business of Acting and Auditioning, Thea 515: Voc Prod for Alt Theatrical Styles I, Thea 471: Lighting Design, Thea 413: Voice Studies IV, Thea 475: CAD Pattern Drafting, Thea 348: Sword and Shield Stage Combat, Thea 495: Theatre Practicum III, Thea 253: Modern Dance, Thea 202: Introduction to Cinema, Thea 264: Musical Theatre Voice Studies I, Thea 378: Fabric Dyeing and Modification, Thea 415: Movement Studies IV, Thea 359: Television Production, Thea 202: Intro to Theatre, Thea 337: Mask and Experimental Theatre, Thea 441: Costume Shop Management, Thea 254: Modern Dance, Thea 330: Stage Combat I, Thea 357: Adv Jazz Dance, Thea 451: Dance/Movement, Thea 312: Voice Studies I, Thea 340: Color Theory for Designers, Danc 253: Jazz II, Thea 352: Dance/Movement, Thea 460: Advanced Cinematography, Thea 450: Advanced Editing, Danc 452: Contemporary Dance IV, Thea 343: Single Sword Stage Combat, Thea 261: Introduction to Sound Design for Cinema, Danc 256: Ballet, Thea 473: Theatre Design, Thea 412: Voice Studies III, Thea 303: Fund of Motion Picture Production, Thea 516: Voc Prod for Alt Theatrical Styles II, Thea 295: Theatre Practicum I, Thea 395: Theatre Practicum II, Thea 192: Production Studies I, Thea 324: Modern American Drama II, Thea 370: Introduction to Scenic Design, Thea 162: Acting Tech I, Thea 347: Quarterstaff Stage Combat, Danc 450: Dance Composition I, Danc 455: Dance Composition II, Danc 454: Tap Dance IV, Danc 471: Ballet VI, Thea 252: Film Production II, Thea 404: Motion Pict Prod Tech, Thea 406: Advanced Screenwriting, Thea 493: Production Studies for Designers III, Thea 339: Technology Lab II, Thea 212: Voice for the Actor I, Thea 487: Stage Management Practicum V, Thea 380: Collaboration Practicum, Thea 379: Theatre Production Techniques III, Thea 317: Topics in Acting Styles, Thea 301: Scene Studies I, Thea 308: Acting for the Screen II, Thea 354: Adv Modern Dance, Thea 375: Introduction to Costume Design, Thea 478: Adv Computer-Aided Design for Theatre, Thea 324: Commedia dell'Arte, Danc 258: Jazz Dance, Thea 367: Make-Up, Thea 392: Production Studies V, Thea 186: Stage Management Practicum II, Thea 320: Theory and Practice of Drama, Thea 231: Movement for the Actor II, Danc 358: Advanced Jazz Dance, Thea 513: Vocal Production for Classic Styles I, Thea 499: Senior Review, Thea 485: Fundamentals of Stage Management I, Thea 465: Musical Theatre Performance I, Danc 151: Ballet I, Thea 210: Sophomore Performance Studies I, Thea 266: Acting Tech II, Thea 366: Fund of Interp, Thea 191: Production Studies, Thea 211: Sophomore Performance Studies II, Thea 332: Period Movement and Manners, Thea 291: Production Studies II, Thea 361: Scene Studies, Thea 511: Vocal Production for Realistic Styles I, Thea 482: Directing Techniques, Thea 355: Advanced Ballet, Thea 376: Basic Draping, Thea 251: Directing for the Screen I, Thea 373: Advanced Makeup Techniques for the Stage, Danc 451: Ballet IV, Thea 263: Mask and Movement Techniques, Thea 419: Screen Acting Capstone II, Dan 321: Dance History & Theory, Thea 276: Fund of Comp-Aided Design for Theatre, Thea 302: Scene Studies II, Danc 252: Contemporary Dance II, Thea 260: Fundamentals of Acting, Thea 171: Rendering for the Theatre, Thea 328: Diverse Voices in American Dramatic Lit, Thea 502: Film Criticism, Thea 420: Dramatic Theory and Criticism, Thea 333: Devised Theatre, Thea 350: Introduction to Editing, Thea 270: Basic Lighting & Sound Technology, Thea 264: Musical Theatre Practicum II, Danc 353: Jazz III, Thea 267: Acting Tech III, Thea 226: Script Analysis, Thea 453: Postproduction Specialties, Danc 357: Advanced Jazz Dance, Thea 242: Communication for Designers, Thea 323: Film and Aristotle
8 hrs add'l theatre courses 8 Successfully complete 8 additional hours of Theatre coursework.
The policies and regulations contained in this online University of Mississippi Catalog are in effect for the current or selected semester. The catalog is not a contract, but rather a guide for the convenience of students. The University of Mississippi reserves the right to 1) change or withdraw courses; 2) change the fees, rules, and schedules for admission, registration, instruction, and graduation; and 3) change other regulations affecting the student body at any time. Implicit in each student’s enrollment with the university is an agreement to comply with university rules and regulations, which the university may modify to exercise properly its educational responsibility.