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The Schools of Nursing and Pharmacy operate on both the Oxford and Jackson campuses. The Schools of Dentistry, Health Related Professionals and Medicine, and the Health Sciences Graduate School, are based in Jackson only. (Additional healthcare programs are available through the School of Applied Sciences on the Oxford campus.) Other than these exceptions, the schools above are on the Oxford campus.

B.A. in International Studies


The B.A. in international studies is an interdisciplinary curriculum that focuses on the connections between politics, economics, and culture at the international level, providing students with an understanding of how the contemporary world works and with the tools to succeed in it. In addition to a regional focus (East Asia, Europe, Latin America, or Middle East), Croft students select a thematic concentration on one of the following: global economics and business, international governance and politics, or social and cultural identity.

Croft students pursue advanced proficiency in a foreign language as an integral part of their studies. Accelerated language programs are currently available in Arabic Chinese, French, and Spanish. Students may also choose to study German, Italian, Japanese, Korean Portuguese, and Russian.

A degree from Croft can lead to a career in law, international business, journalism, or education and research, to employment with agencies such as the U.S. Foreign Service, and the United Nations, or to work in the nonprofit sector, nongovernmental organizations, and the intelligence community. More than half of the institute's graduates continue their university studies in professional or graduate schools.

Minimum Total Credit Hours: 120

General Education Requirements

The general education/core curriculum requirements for this program are those defined by the College of Liberal Arts. All international studies majors are to fulfill their social sciences distribution requirements by taking Econ 202 and Econ 203, and their mathematics distribution by taking Math 271. With consent of the academic adviser, students may substitute Math 267 or Math 261 for Math 271.

Course Requirements

A major in international studies for the B.A. degree consists of 44 semester hours, including Inst 101, 110, 111, 421, 422, 431, and three out of the following four: Inst 203, 205, 207, and 209. Students must take 9 hours at the 300 level or above in one geographic region and 9 hours at the 300 level or above in a single specialization module, 3 hours in an approved research methods course and 3 hours in a 300-level elective course approved for the major. With the exception of certain students who have already studied for periods of a semester or more in their geographic region of concentration, all students must spend at least one semester in an approved study abroad program. Students exempt from the study abroad requirement are exempt from the Inst 110 and 111 requirements.

A. Introductory course (3 credit hours) - one course
Inst 101 Introduction to International Studies
B. Core courses (9 credit hours) - three of the following courses,
including the course corresponding to the student's specialization
Inst 203 East Asia
Inst 205 Europe
Inst 207 Latin America
Inst 209 Middle East
C. Regional courses (9 hours) - three additional approved courses in
one geographic region
D. Thematic courses (9 credit hours) - 3 approved courses drawn
from one of the following areas:
Global economics and business
International governance and politics
Social and cultural identity
E. Research Methods course (3 credit hours) - one approved course on
social research methods
F. Elective course (3 credit hours) - one additional course selected
from upper-division courses approved for the major
G. Intercultural Communication (2 credit hours, Z-graded) - two courses
Inst 110 - Intercultural Communication: Pre-departure
Inst 111 - Intercultural Communication: Re-entry
H. Senior thesis (6 credit hours) - two courses
Inst 421 Research Seminar I
Inst 422 Research Seminar II
I. OPI Language Proficiency Exam (0 credit hours, Z-graded)
Inst 431 Oral Proficiency Interview

Other Academic Requirements

A minimum grade of C is required in the 42 graded hours of course work required by the international studies major.

The international studies major requires no minor.

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