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The Schools of Nursing and Pharmacy operate on both the Oxford and Jackson campuses. The Schools of Dentistry, Health Related Professionals and Medicine, and the Health Sciences Graduate School, are based in Jackson only. (Additional healthcare programs are available through the School of Applied Sciences on the Oxford campus.) Other than these exceptions, the schools above are on the Oxford campus.

B.A. in African American Studies


Students who pursue the major in African American studies will get a broad-based understanding of research in a variety of academic disciplines, with a particular focus on African and African American topics. Students will be provided with historical and contemporary data that will enable them to develop a comprehensive understanding of the life experiences of African Americans.

Minimum Total Credit Hours: 124

Goals/Mission Statement

The mission of African American studies is to research and teach about the history and culture of African Americans as members of American society. More specifically, the objectives of the program are to encourage students and faculty to examine the black experience, to facilitate a cultural and intellectual atmosphere on campus that will be favorable to such studies, and to undertake a program of research and service.

General Education Requirements

Although other general education requirements for the B.A. degree must be met, the African American studies major does not require a minor.

Course Requirements

The African-American studies interdisciplinary major consists of 42 semester hours, including 9 hours of basic core courses, 30 hours of upper-division courses, and the 3-hour senior seminar course. At least 12 of the 30 credits of required upper-division work must be in the chosen area of specialization. In addition, 12 hours must be chosen from one or both of the other two areas outside of the designated area of specialization.

I. Basic Core (9 credit hours) AAS 170/His 170 Introduction to African History AAS 201 African-American Experience I AAS 202 African-American Experience II

II. Upper-Division Courses (30 credit hours) Areas of Specialization (12 credit hours minimum) A. African and African-American History AAS 310 Experiences of Black Mississippians AAS 325/His 307 African-American History to 1865 AAS 326/His 308 African-American History since 1865 AAS 362/G St 362 African-American Women’s History AAS 392/His 387 History of Sub-Saharan Africa AAS 438/His 327 Historical Perspectives on Slavery in the Americas AAS 440/His 328 History of African Americans in Sports AAS 443/His 329 The Civil Rights Era His 460 Undergraduate Research Seminar in African History AAS 498 African-American Studies Directed Study AAS 501 African-American Studies Seminar AAS 509/His 509 Historiography of African-American History

B. African and African-American Political and Social Institutions AAS 302 Judicial System and the African-American Experience AAS 307/Anth 307 Peoples of Africa AAS 308/Pol 307 Politics of Civil Liberties and Civil Rights AAS 315/Pol 323 Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa AAS 320/Pol 320 African-American Politics AAS 350/AAS 351 Topics in African-American Studies AAS 413/Soc 413 Race and Ethnicity AAS 504 Research in African-American Studies

C. African and African-American Culture AAS 334/S St 334 Introduction to Field Work Techniques AAS 337/Anth 337 Anthropology of Blues Culture AAS 341/Engl 322 African-American Literary Tradition I AAS 342/Engl 323 African-American Literary Tradition II AAS 360 Topics in African-American Studies Abroad AAS 371/Engl 371 African Literature AAS 373/Engl 373 Caribbean Literature AAS 386/AH 336 African and African-American Arts AAS 395/AH 369 Survey of Black-American Art AAS 420 Richard Wright and Toni Morrison AAS 441/Engl 441 Comparative Black Literatures AAS 517/Mus 517 African-American Musical Tradition AAS 518/Mus 518 History of Jazz AAS 593/Engl 593 African-American Literature

III. Senior Seminar (3 credit hours) AAS 480 African-American Studies Senior Seminar

Other Academic Requirements

A minimum grade of C is required in all courses applied toward the African American studies major.


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