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The Schools of Nursing and Pharmacy operate on both the Oxford and Jackson campuses. The Schools of Dentistry, Health Related Professionals and Medicine, and the Health Sciences Graduate School, are based in Jackson only. (Additional healthcare programs are available through the School of Applied Sciences on the Oxford campus.) Other than these exceptions, the schools above are on the Oxford campus.

Edci 627: Historical Look at Diversity in Children


This course will look at children and adolescent (young adult) literature from its earliest roots in Greek/Roman/Norse mythology, fairy tales/folk literature to the bases of "modern" literature in the 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. Students will compare and contrast how different racial, ethnic, religious, etc., groups have been portrayed through centuries/decades.

3 Credits

Instruction Type(s)

  • Lecture: Lecture for Edci 627
  • Lecture: Web-based Lecture for Edci 627
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